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On Monday, April 1st, we will celebrate the opening of a new restaurant in Miami - Dade County, Florida for adults with autism. Located at the corner of West Palm Beach Boulevard and South Main Street, the restaurant will offer great food, employ adults without autism, and host special events for families with children and adults.

Cid, who used to own a restaurant in Miami-Dade County, Florida, with her husband and two children, wanted her to be able to accommodate a neurotic workforce. It requires trained entrepreneurs, appropriate working environments and consumer awareness to meet people with autism in different industries, "Alessandri added.

To accommodate disabled guests, restaurants must create appropriate spaces for the size of parties to accommodate additional seating and caretakers. A table-seating limit of 4 persons must be maintained, unless all members of the party come from the same household. The maximum number of tables that can be seated at a table where the restaurant has a tent table as an additional supplement is six.

The use of garden and planting equipment is permitted, but it is not recommended to use ceiling elements that span the sidewalk and connect café areas adjacent to the facade. These materials should only be used to supplement, not replace, barricade materials and should not be permanently glued to public law - of course. The proposal can be considered on a case-by-case basis and requires approval from the Miami-Dade County Planning Commission and Florida's Department of Environmental Protection. Staff - equipment and equipment such as tables, chairs and chairs - do not have to meet the required requirements.

If any of the above conditions occurs, the applicant will be notified and will be given a maximum of five (5) working days to change the conditions. The committee must agree in writing to authorize the city to remove and restore the space if a non-threatening injury occurs. If the permit is revoked, the site must return to its previous conditions within 30 days.

To learn more about the restaurant recovery program, including building permit application forms, read below for more information about the restaurant recovery program and more.

All Miami Lakes restaurants must follow the reopening guidelines established by Miami-Dade County and available for review at the link below. This applies to all establishments where the preparation of food is the sole responsibility of the owner, owner, operator or operator of a business and the establishment has no direct or indirect involvement in the production, sale, distribution, transport, transport, storage or distribution of food. The city reserves the right to order a restaurant to remove items due to an emergency or other condition. In such cases, the city may restore the site to its former state if it is in the public interest to finance or partially finance the removal of the site or the removal of the site in accordance with the terms of its restaurant redevelopment program.

If an intervention is caused by the use of a permit for the production, sale, distribution, transport, storage or distribution of foodstuffs, the permit is revoked and revoked.

Guests must wear masks while serving food and drinks and walking around the restaurant. Visitors must register in advance to prevent large crowds from forming at the store entrance. If the outdoor operation is extended, the sitting hours outside may not be extended or extended beyond the current permitted level. Outdoor seating is only allowed during peak hours and not outside business hours.

Currently, all restaurants in the city of Miami Lakes are licensed to serve customers according to certain rules and guidelines that ensure the safety of guests and workers. Outdoor cafes are only authorized to make demands for social distance.

To help restaurants in Miami Lakes reopen after the closure of COVID-19, the City of Miami has launched the Restaurant Recovery Program, which allows restaurants to temporarily install new or expanded outdoor seating areas to meet social distancing needs. The UM - NSU CARD, funded mainly by the State of Florida, provides training for adults with autism spectrum disorders.

We create an atmosphere that enhances food and makes it an experience that emphasizes health, taste, community and passion for service. You can taste it in the food, you can feel it when you sit down and enjoy a meal, or you can see it on the face of the friendly staff.

We are happy for our customers to come to us and we give them the opportunity to choose from a variety of flavour combinations, created by our chefs, making special events the talking point of the season. Choose your Build - Your - Own Party option and enjoy a special experience when your customer comes to you to celebrate with friends, family, friends of friends or even family members.

A restaurant or restaurant is entitled to sell or permit the consumption of alcoholic beverages on premises for the purpose of extended catering and / or the purchase of alcohol for consumption by the general public. This narrative is intended to describe the intended use of all furniture, including tables, chairs, tables and chairs in the dining room of the restaurant. A restaurant must keep doors and windows open to circulate fresh air, and air conditioning with fans while people are inside the restaurant. Can you leave your tent, table or chairs outside at night or do you have to store them in the house when you are not working?

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